Milla clip 6 –


It´s been ages since I´ve seen Darling Rikki Waters and I can´t wait to show off my home and all my riches. It´s hard not to brag – I mean why shouldn´t I – there you are Rikki stuck in the same world as you were when we were in college and here I am rich and extravagant. Rikki soon tires of my big mouth and she grabs me and lifts me over her shoulder and carries me into the garage. I scream – put me down!!! Rikki ignores me and puts me down on the dirty floor climbing on top of me and holding me down. She grabs a rag off the floor and shoves it deeply into my mouth sealing it in tightly by wrapping duct tape around and around my head. I´m tired of hearing your mouth. I try to push her body off me but the BBW has me pinned down by her thick thigh. You´re not going anywhere she says and she ropes up my ankles to stop my kicking. I punch her arms, but Ricky doesn´t even feel it. She laughs in my face and rolls me over pulling my expensive dress up and exposing my ass. She roughly manhandles my tits and straddles my legs. Next the busty BBW ties my wrists behind my back taunting me. Is this the rope from your yacht? She finishes me off in a hogtie and leaves me helpless, exposed, bound and gagged struggling on my garage floor begging for mercy and sobbing through my gag.

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