Mommy’s Little Pervert –


Pervy Corbin Dallas is jerking off furiously when his stepmom Julia Ann walks on him. There he is, in her own bed, smothering his face along with her panties, and Julias mad! Following a quick verbal apparel , Julia realizes this isnt going to be sufficient to place her stepson in his position. She climbs onto the bed and gives him what he wants. . .and then some. First she stuffs her panties in his mouth, then berating him and persuading him the entire time, daring him to keep off jerking. Then she takes his cock in her own hand and then shows him how its supposed to be accomplished. Corbins enthusiastic but confused, especially when Julia starts taking off her clothes and making him wear them. She places him over her knee and spanks his ass, but thats just the start of the punishment. She then joins him up and fractures outside a massive fucking strap-on. But that giant penis goes straight into Corbins ass, and Julia delights in plowing him heavy and hard. She orders him onto his back and then continues fucking his stretched hole, so commanding that he make himself slip on it like the small pervy mommas bitch he’s. She jerks him off while he fucks herself on her strap-on, making him cum even as shes telling him to take it. The following punishment is wiping his load all over his face and leaving him . Finally, Julia pulls out the big guns and Corbins put in an inverted suspension and made to eat her pussy till she cums. . .repeatedly. The blood rushes to his mind because Julia pulls his face directly into her moist pussy, with his tongue and mouth to cum. When shes completed with himshe gets up and leaves him to think of what hes done.

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