Mona Wales Trains Her New.. –


Beta-male DJ has no idea whats in store for him when he completes Divine Bitch Mona Wales shop. But Mona does. Boyfriend potential is seen by her and wants to know whether he can function. She starts with bullying him into a straight-jacket. She gets him on his legs, worshiping her stocking clad feet After hes bound. DJ is taken by this goddess, so he acquiesces to her every desire. He agrees to become her new boyfriend if he’s up to action, now Mona must detect. She slaps on his face destroys his cock, and that makes him eat her cunt. She smothers him with her pussy and has him lick her asshole. DJ cant enough of Monas pussy but after she cums on his head, she develops suspicious he does this with the ladies. DJ promises Mona hell be her slave that is loving forever and gets a hard wired. Next, DJ is jump together with his head in a box. Mona flogs him and humiliates him. She shuts him at the box to remind him he is only an extension of her itself. To drive the lesson home, he is pummeled by her along with her strap on cock. As Mona offers him all her loving via her hard cock, then fulfilling his pit with 10inches of 21, DJ moans. Reduced DJ he is undergoing Mona hot while fucking his asshole, and she cums. Ultimately, her fresh cock is driven by Mona test. DJ groans, trying not to cum as Mona bounces up and down on his prick. Mona sticks her toes and commands him not to examine her. Mona squirts all over DJs entire body and cums hard times. She tells him and proceeds to humiliate him when hes her boyfriend, he will never have to cum. DJ agrees and watches Mona walk away, happy with his new position.

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