My girl Michelle Peters and I’m driving on the search for fresh victim. Yes we are really low life hoodlums. We pick up distressed and educated Ginary on the face of the road and offer to help her out. She climbs in to our pickup truck – it& so acute;s always so easy – everybody expects a mother/daughter duo!!! The bitch is tattooed to the client!! that was just ideal for our new white slaver Poor leggy Ginary doesn&extreme;she slumps down on Michelle fast asleep we want her and t even know what struck her. We throw her body on a cot that is dirty and carry Ginary. Here you go sweetie – a bed – NOT!!!! Michelle starts to tie severe Ginary & ;therefore long legs into the base of the cot procuring her heels that are high with the rope. In the exact same time I roped her arms up. Ginary wakes up furious and scared. She yells out for help. Over and above. Too bad no one hears you missy!!! I wrap it over and over with microfoam tape and then shove a white store rag deeply into her mouth that is . Shut the fuck up – I still hear you and so that I want to add a black tape into your gag which makes it smaller and also you more quiet!! My daughter and I’ve got plans for you. I tie her long brunette hair to the bed rail which makes her struggles to sit futile down. Easy today bitch… life as you knew it is finished! Michelle laughs because she adds a crotch rope jacking bad helpless Ginary&extreme;s miniature miniskirt up all the way. Even the crotch rope is so tight that acute & Ginary;therefore pussy lips instantly puff out on each side providing her a camel toe. Don´t you seem now doll? My little daughter Michelle is she and a sadistic little brat &extreme;s the ideal partner. Not enough mother she says and she brings on another rope also attaches it into acute & Ginary;s crotch rope yanking off on out our prey´s body off the bed. Awwww – does that hurt. We can hear you crying and sobbing through your mouth stuffing gag. I lay internet down grope and into Ginary tits and her slim body. Slimming darlin&severe; extreme & the celebration;s only beginning. I put in several clover bungee the string to the rope and then nipple clamps into her nipples that are perky. Ginary severe; s body jerks and struggles to alleviate the pain &. My girl and I burst into laughter and high five each other. Acute ginary &;s big eyes widen in fear as we leave telling her how she&intense;s being marketed to our customer who wants a girl because of his slave!!

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