My Armpits Deserve Some.. –


Miss Raevyn, one of the most popular Dommes in the area is a young woman who has learned how to control men. You will hear her describe how she made her slave work hard today, by disciplining and trampling him. She’s worked up quite the sweat, which means that her slave must get off the ground and clean her feet. She tells the slave to smell them and enjoy the scent. She eagerly takes in the scent and says that she would like to have it all day. She explains that she had her dirty socks all night duct taped to his lips. He soon starts to lick her feet and has a mixture of her sweat and her BO. She explains that there is nothing better for him than to lick my dirty underwear, but he also likes her armspits. After he is content, he makes his way to the top of the pit with his tongue. Then she forces him to crawl over the other side and repeat the process. Raevyn is soon playing with her pussy after the control turns him on. He tells her, “AEURoeWhen IaEUR ™ am done here, IaEUR(tm] will probably have you sniff mine farts alsoaEUR.” Now her hands run across her breasts, and back to her pussy. She says, “He couldn’t live without meaEUR” and orders him to get down on his stomach. He responds, “AEURoeI’m going to be here for a while.

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