Natasha Starr –


There is tension within the room. Tension that both women are attempting to ignore, even more , or awaiting the one to make the move, to state the thing that will lead to a kiss. . .But that won’t occur because both women are too shy to express what they desire. Instead they fantasize about what it they would like to do to every other. Katja ties Tiffany up, sucks her hard cock until she is near cumming. So near it hurts and Katja knows it. She intimidates Tiffany in a teasing game where her cock is out of reach of Katja’s wet pussy. Katja is at least as surprised as she is turned on when Tiffany fantasies from fucking Katja she is buried balls deep into Katja’s ass, exploding a load big and so sexy. Back and on the game continues in their heads – Tiffany tied up getting fucked by Katja’s Strap-on. Katja tied up getting rammed. Orgasm denial, hardcore fucking and change play and from both of these women’s fantasy world.

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