Neighbor Angel Rose is a business executive earning a salary. So what if I steal a small power from her power if she&intense;s out of town. She makes a great deal of cash and I am struggling to make ends meet. Angel comes over carrying the electric cord that attached me to her power and she tip toes round the subject telling me she had security cameras set up to observe her home while she is out of town. What exactly are you trying to say? She intentionally disturbs me of stealing her electricity – behaving all haughty and simpler . Take that you high and mightly wealthy executive a zap her good and that she flops down on the floor. Well bitch, you came home – following comes your cable along with your water. You damn young bitches are the same. I worked my whole life and now I can´t afford to pay my own bills in my. Too bad. I quickly rope her wrists up and pull her tight pencil skirt up exposing her buttocks in her pantyhose. Angel moans and yells when I rope her up ankles. Angel starts to curse me and that I put in rope into her waist pulling it up hard into her pussy and ass until the bitch screams out in pain. Get up on your knees that you uptight executive. I show her my satin panties and slowly peel them down. Into your big mouth they go and that I twist my panties into her big mouth using elastic bandage employing the whole roster to make sure she´s nicely gagged. Awwww is it getting hot in here ? I fondle her sweaty tits and keep tieing the sobbing neighbor up into a tight hogtie. Well dear, I tell her because I break my heels on her bound body, you&extreme;ll just stay here on my floor fighting and rolling to escape once I go next door and allow me to a bank accounts.

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