Netskirts #06, Scene #04 –


Mistress Lexis chastity servant has been extremely patient with his coaching, so Lexi gives her slave a special reward. The chastity servant is so horny that his cock is swollen and bulging out of this CB-3000. “I bet you’d like a blow job, wouldnt you servant? “Lexi removes sissy danielle out of her cage, then telling her “You are going to suck cock for me personally SLUT. “Danielle is advised to lie back on the bed face up using the chastity slave straddling danielles face. Lexi instructs danielle to suck on the chastity slaves balls. Next, Lexi sets the plastic chastity penis tubing in danielles mouth. The chastity slave can feel the warmth out of danielles slutty mouth and his cock gets even more hard. The chastity slave gets so sexually frustrated that he starts to hump danielles mouth using the cock tube on.Lexi straps on her dick and fucks slut danielle in the ass while danielle sucks the chastity slaves balls. WHAT A WHORE! “You deserve to suck cock as you are not a man, you are simply a slutty sissy. “Lexi takes the tube off of this chastity slaves cock. Danielle is flipped doggie style and is eager to start sucking cock. Lexi proceeds to fuck danielles buttocks while she deep throats the chastity slaves hard cock. Danielle sucks his thick meat stand while her eyes . Lexi strokes on the chastity slaves penis while sissy danielle sucks on his balls. When the chastity servant is about to burst Lexi grabs a martini glass full of vodka, then gets the slave shoot his enormous load to the glass. Next, Lexi has danielle cum to the glass as well. Together with both slaves cum from the glass, Lexi makes danielle SWALLOW the DIRTIEST CUM MARTINI EVER…. What a filthy little fuck slut danielle is!!!

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