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Someone check on the status of the toaster cuz it looks like we landed the next one. Looks like Jarrett Fox with his mythical cock did the trick in turning out our once fully str8 stud, Derek Princeton. All of us thought it was brave when Derek wanted to lose his cherry into his on cam debut to one of the bigger hotties on ExtraBigDicks. We all watched in amazement as Jarrett laid his 8 pipe ball-deep and got it done! It mustve hurt good because Dereks backagain. . .for thirds. He was back to top his very first buttocks on EBD and now he needs more dick from us on CJB. We are more than happy to oblige. Derek is 22 yrs. Old and includes a live-in girlfriend and he can get laid regularly. His woman loves to wear stripper costumes and negligees to keep their sex life hip. The thought of how Lingerie perks up our accomplice this week, Mr. Logan Robbins (. . .but maybe for all the wrong reasons). Logan is 25 and creating his debut with us this week. He says hes str8 as a arrowbut theres (a lot) more to that story. When asked when he got put, Logan asks, If a woman is over 200 lbs. Is that a whale? Seemingly, Logans last put was a full-figured buddy of his that he got drunk with. He now laughs in hindsight at his 52, portly 200 pounds faux pas; but, Wait for it… 3-2-1 I did fuck her two more times. Yeeeeah. He does assert ALL the rest of his lays are beautiful women. This was the only one that didnt meet his rigorous fuckable feminine criteria. It was a concerted attempt for Mr. Robbins, who tried valiantly to recover from having just thrown his buddy beneath the Coyote Ugly bus, however he never even saw it comingback. Well, I understand you got a thing for trannies! ….The appear on Logans face says it all as our Investigative cameraman gets up in his Kool Aid. Somewhere Camryn Manheim is yelling This ones to your fat chicks! Lol Logan flushes and admits he does get into trannies and lived with a single; hes attracted to the feminine side of these and that yes he did have sexual relations with him/her woman. Weren’t touchin that one.These two waste time before stripping off their tees and opening their pants. They begin to kiss because they research the other burying their hands into their underwear. Derek Strips and jumps on the counter and our str8 boy Logan goes right for his bone. Derek moans as he gets his uncut cock moist. Logan has done this before as he bobs up and down Dereks shaft. He swallows every thick inch into the hilt because he raises Dereks leg up to secure much better access. Its Dereks turn as he jumps off the counter and finishes freeing Logans own cock. He yanks down his underwear and goes to it. Logans eyes shut as he revels at the sensation. In no time hes rock hard and Derek is sucking him off. His thick penis is spit as Derek bobs on his horn. Logans thick nut sofa dangles below. Logan is becoming hotter by the second and he also pulls Derek upward and leans him up against the counter raising among his thighs so he could get at that ass he wants to fuck. Derek can simply m oan because his eyes roll back in his head. He grabs at Logans hair, shoving him deep up his ass wanting every inch of his tongue inside him. Logans eating his ass out while dispersing his smooth cheeks apart. The rimming is hot and it just spells trouble. You have to lick itso you can stick it. Can you guess what cums next?Dereks hole needs over a hot tongue and later Logan lays flat on the floor, Derek straddles him impales himself onto Logans enormous meat as he starts to ride reverse saddle. Derek grunts and groans as he attempts to adapt Logans thick dick with each tribe. Logan steadies Derek because he retains his waiste and assists bounce him back onto his shaft. Try as he would, Derek cant seem to get all of it in him. Logan wants more hands since he gets up and bends Derek over the counter. He slowly pushes his penis back inside Derek grunts and carries it. In this position, Logan is able to bury his cock deep and in no time his heavy nuts really have been slapping Dereks buttocks. He retains Derek by the waist with one hand and pushes him lower with another to get a better position. Once set Logan lbs him heavy as he hunches over to fuck him quicker. Theres one position that will get his dick even deeper and hes not through yet. He puts Derek down on the ground, kneels between his legs and enters him . He slides his cock all of the way inside and Derek is moaning with every deep thrust he receives. Logans balls are now slapping his bum as his dick becomes totally engulfed by Dereks hot ass. Logan leans forward and bracing himself with his hands starts to push his cock in and out. Every muscle is described and bulging in Logans torso, arms and shoulders as he fucks away at Derek. The visual alone is crazy. This position is hitting the spot for the two boys and they cant hold back more. They sit side by side to jack off their tons. Dereks the very first to blow as his abs tense and he crunches forward, nutting throughout his smooth navel. Logan follows match as he leans all of the way back and pushes his thick load all over his currently happier-than-hell happy road. Whew. That was a hot shit!

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