Nick at Nite –


We’ve got Christian Ray back with us and its always a hot time when we have this Isleo (or Islander) together with us. Barely 21, Christian resides here in Miami and feels at home in the Cuban community. Today we have a unique friend here that we know Christian is gont love, Mr. Nick Toretto. Nick is currently 27 years old and from Trenton, NJ. Nick is really a thick bit of Jersey that will make anybody do a double take. He has everything: killer seems; a built bod; huge guns and a sexy uncut cock. We wondered if they had an option on holiday destinations exactly what it’d be. Nick would need to flee to Alaska because hes resided in Hawaii and has since dwelt in the tropics for the previous 3 decades. Christian would love to visit Italy and probably explore all that Italy has to provide (i.e. Italian guys!) Nick is straight but admits he’s appreciated pleasure on each side of the table. Doing this has taught him to become judgmental and accept people for who they are versus what they do. Then we asked both of these at which they like to take their nut the very best. Christian enjoys to give a guy a sexy facial breaking his nut around it. Nick trumps that he likes to dump his load in his women mouth then snowball it feed it directly back to him because they make out. He just gets hotter and hotter. SEIZE HIM! Lol Christian shows up for his private training session together with Nick just to acknowledge he left his gym shorts at home. Nick hands a pair and as Christian modifications into them Nick understands one of Christians muscles is swellinghis cock. As he catches Christians cock, nick moves in for a kiss. They tug in each other cocks since Nick sits Christian down so that his cock is in his face. Christian plays it through his briefs before distributing his thick uncut cock and going down on it. As he watches his penis disappear down Christians throat, nick moans. Christian pulls Nicks meaty foreskin as he runs his tongue along his knob. Nick sits back on the couch giving Christian all the room he wants to better service his cock. Christian licks all over Nicks massive frame ending up back on his meaty shaft. Christian slips down onto his knees because he moves to city worshipping Nicks thick prick. Nick cant get enough because he stands to continue feeding Christian. Nick then brings Christian to his toes and bends him over checking out that sexy ass hell shortly be inside of. Christian moans softly as Nick begins fingering his candy hole.Nick runs his hands all over Christians hairy ass. Nick spreads his ass wide open checking out that sweet hole hell soon own. His cock is throbbing as he runs his fingers along Christians ass crack. Nick cant wait any longer as he matches up and slides that prick inside. Christian can just moan as he receives his bum mounted. Bent over the incline bench, Christian holds around as Nick pounds him doggy style. Nick watches as his penis slams in and from that hungry hole. Nick then pulls out and then sits back on the futon pulling Christian right into position. Christian catches on fast since he straddles that cock and sits back down on that dick. Ride my cock he groans as Christian profits to rally on that dick. Since Nick lays back we get a wonderful opinion of his massive torso, huge biceps and his massive quads as Christian retains riding meat. Christians cock is rock hard as he impales himself over and over on that Jersey dick. Nick then gets him back and slides in missionary. This will do just fine for sure since Christian watches Nicks defined torso slap into him over and over. That cock hits just the right spot making Christian shoot a large load all over himself. Nick isnt far behind because he pulls out and adds his own batch all over Christians cum coated cock.

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