No Mercy For the Old Pony –


The mistresses Kandy, Jessica and Jessica are not tolerant of a tired man who’s been working all day. As Kandy takes him to the leash, he is ready for pony duty. He is supporting Jessica in her weight but must worship Kandy as well. The steed does not know how to use his legs and, while he leans down to pray for Kandy, he throws his mount from his back. He is now restricted to sniffing Kandy’s pungent sex while he continues carrying Jessica. This old horse is clearly snatched by the ladies who want an alert and fast pony. He is motivated by some stiff spanks, and then a few hard slaps with a strap. Kandy decides to punish him with the most severe punishment. He has to carry both of them simultaneously. The pony has reached the end of the rope, and is now unable to carry his weighty charge.

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