As the CEO of a corporation who purchases companies and strips them downsizing their employees then unloading the hollowed to file for bankruptcy, I&severe;ve made millions. Doesn&severe;t matter to me I&severe;ve put thousands of individuals from work and hundreds of companies from business. I reside in luxury and I deserve the finest – nothing says cash such as this thousand dollar bottle of wine I&severe;m sipping. I always go to the door anticipating my chauffer and I&severe;m pushed by a man against the wall. He gets me gag myself with a rag and XXXX me down in my knees. I shout throughout the wadding in my mouth as he ropes my arms behind my spine beating my elbows. He wraps black electrical tape around my head cleaving that the gag in and he proceeds tieiing up me. He informs someone I’m under control and pulls out his phone. What do you want with me? I plead with my eyes. By stripping my skirt off, he responds and pulls a kn to cut my straight off my body. I am stripped down to my bra, panties, garter belt and hose at his mercy. The hairless bastard drags me to the sofa and manhandles my body groping my tits and ass. As he grabs additional rope to tie my feet up from my thighs in a frogtie I sob during my gag. That I fight and me throw up from the sofa on knee stage and cry. I&severe;m accustomed to being accountable and for the very first time. He attracts a Hitachi vibrator and squeezes it up from my pussy. The vibrations are strong and I feel myself start to cum – my body betrays me. He ties it up and I roll around the ground unable to stop cumming. As each orgasm tears I shout and grunt into my gag. He waits until I’m exhausted and begins to untie me. The gag dismisses off my head. I am relieved but he’s got other plans . He also XXXX me up and to him giving him a blow job, I start to play up done. He ignores my ploy and binds the chair and me together without even missing a beat. I start to panic when the bastard adds my throat and a rope and joins it. He grips the vibrator to the chair directly on my pussy and leaves me freaking out as I know each dollar and jerk of my own body tends to tighten the rope on my throat…

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