Office Slave So Desperate To.. –


Skylar is seen in her office nuzzling her genitals while Skylar sits on her knees. He begs to lick the thing aEUR’, and she does. An educated slave will know that the privilege of licking an aEUR(tm-womenaEUR(tm), woman’s, is great and can lead to a fully functional toilet. Skylar shares some background information about her slave. Skylar explains to you that traditional sex is not allowed for himaEUR(tm), and that the use of a pussy will be strictly prohibited. As a result, sheaEUR(tm),s are always in desperate need of ass. According to FemCorpaEUR Skylar, aEURoeHe has been described as the filthiest slave. The slave is told to take out his panties and he grabs them like a fool. He is raped by her and told to brush his teeth. He finally has them taken out. She asks him to step back in order for you to admire his genitals. He is instructed to move forward and spread his cheeks to get deep tongue-fucked by her.

She tells him not to go, then she sits down in her chair and lifts her legs up so that the slave and you both aEUR get an amazing view of her pussy. He dreams of having pussy but his days of pussy-licking are over. The slave only gets his ass, so he is told to go back between her legs and give her a rough rimming. He is irritated when she says that he would like to touch her pussy but it’s reserved for men and not weak worms. He asks her if it smells, but she reminds him not to let go of his responsibilities with eating. He tells her that aEURoeI didnaEUR ™t wipe the area for him, and she then criticizes him for failing to say thank you. Skylar states that her panties have become stained and she will stuff the contents into the mouth of the slave when he finishes his rim job. HeaEUR(tm).ll then need to keep them there for all day. Skylar gets up from the chair and kneels down so that the slave can get in behind her to give him a long, sexy lick of her genitals. He snorts like a p1g, and she laughs at his insanity. He continues to beg for her genitals. AEURoeWhen I ask you to go to work, you should make the same sounds of snorting so that the ladies will know what you are up to.

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