Paris Gables –


When we have to Paris Gables, it’d been around 12 hours, 5 minutes, and 42 minutes because her last cock swallowing. She was hungry for this. Paris doesnt waste any time with preliminaries and goes after his dick like it therefore the last port of meat at the buffet line. Slurps and her shouts tell us that she wants this neck fucking shes ever wanted in her life. View, Paris is the sort of girl youll need to throat fuck as you know she loves it so much. Her head is forced by our guy back until her lips are kissing his ball sac along with her chin is currently dangling off. Next, just enjoy a fantastic cum , she motorboats her tongue and sticks her face in his bum till he s ready to flip her face a mess of cum and drool. Trust me, even when Paris appears at the camera with her mascara running and her face shining, youll fall in love all over again. Sometimes it s fine to be a woman! **Monique**

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