Petite Babe Casey Calvert.. –


All natural stunner Casey Calvert returns to function in the boot heel of her favourite dom. The Pope tosses her into his tight filthy dungeon and instantly shackles her slim frame to some wooden wedge which splits her tiny pink pussy in half. Leather cuffs and alloy shackles firmly and completely control her, exposing her tits and ass to impact play and torment. Casey allows screams that are so primal that they shake off the cum flooring of their Popes dungeon out. She shakes and growls since the first of many multiple climaxes are torn out of her reluctant cunt. However, this is only the warm up; only an opportunity for The Pope to tenderize his beef. The Pope lays her on her back and spreads her legs wide open exposing tight asshole and her cunt into his unkind intentions before Casey can recover her composure. First he attacks the bottoms of her toes. He digs into the crevices that hide delicate psyche’s nightmares. With only change of bamboo cane he revels her shrieks of terror and amuses his slave. Her hands and feet convulse and shake just like a seal fighting to escape out of its trap. However, the bondage is Caseys and inevitable pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears. The Popes sadistic fever gets incensed. He attacks her asshole, probing his massive hands out and until she cums. As her engorged and swollen clit arouses her frame that is sobbing soaks. To complete her shackles the soles of her feet together and her arms spread to the sides. He meticulously attaches scores of clothes pins together into a enormous zipper which spans the front of Caseys entire body. He chokes and throttles and repeatedly then indulges in breath drama his slaves delicate neck. Since Casey floats and outside sub space when a peak is reached by her depraved delight and her pussy vibrates with a hitachi the zippers are torn by him off her physique. Caseys body shakes as she begs to mistreat each inch of the body that is and screams.

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