Plumpish gal with no panty.. –


You’d never guess who is taking a trip to Europe?! It is Charlie Mac, and the first thing he wants to do after the flight is to enjoy a traditional Hungarian meal. As he is looking on the menu, even a couple of fans spot him. They are taken right back, cause it’s strange to find a brother in this component of Budapest. Upon closer inspection, they can’t believe their eyes! It is none other than Charlie Mac, and he is one of their IR porn celebrities from among the websites — Blacks on Blondes. They love to see porn and they need a unique experience. Boyfriend informs girlfriend to wait patiently till he asks for an autograph, then, after a bit of friendly conversation, a wager created: The Boyfriend believes Charlie’s dick is not as big as it appears on camera, also there needs to be”tricks” involved to make it look bigger than it is. He’s ready to lay down a $10,000 note: when it is all smoke and mirrors, Charlie owes 10 Big; The Boyfriend supplies the best thing he’s got up, if Charlie’s really hung as a mule. . .his girlfriend. Who do you think wins now? . . .read longer

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