Post Workout Romp –


They simply finished exercising and Mike is feeling a little frisky. Marc isnt certain if they need to get on it and he keeps looking around making sure no one is around. Mike assures him that its area. Marc finally gives in and Mike drops to his knees and begins sniffing Marcs jockstrap. He slowly pulls it off revealing Marcs difficult cock which he wraps his hot juicy lips . Marc sparks a moan as his guy throats his throbbing cock and begs his head back. Marc enjoys sucking dick also so that he can get his mouth and hands about Mikes ass 23, so they turn it up. Marc is fucked by mike face till hes prepared to rim which sexy manly butt. Marc bends Mike on the seat than spreads his legs wide Mikes butt ends up and shows his sexy hole. Marc licks at him over sucking his dick from behind. Mikes bum is lubed and ready for a big dick so Marc pushes deep and starts to give the fucking of his entire life in the locker area to Mike. They are so turned on they flip the script and Mike has Marc ride is fat dick to the locker room floor. A consumer could come into the locker room in any given second so that they end up with Marc fucking Mike until he blasts his nut all over his torso back lying on his back.

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