Pretty Reagan Lush got tired in the birthday party and decided to come down stairs to hand with me. I tried to get rid of her, however the curly blonde beauty was persistent. She stated each of the girls upstairs were both XXXX and loudly and helpless. Reagan refused to leave and that she threatened to tell the girls stories about me. She began to acquire flirty and confessed it´s been her fantasy forever to become bound and completely helpless. Without warning the busty girl strips off all her clothes and stands in the basement plain naked. She kept repeating that no one will find out since theyacute;re all XXXX from a lot of booze. I inform Reagan to put her hands behind her back and now that I jam her elbows together cinching the rope tightly expecting Reagan to let me stop. Rather she begins purring and pressing her naked body telling me this is actually turning her on. I bind her wrists then tell her all helpless prey need to be gagged. Reagan tries to protest, but I pounce on my prey and stuff that the major rag into her mouth then seal it in with several layers of micro foam tape. Poor Reagan is currently sitting around the filthy floor using a tight chest harness around her ripe big tits together with her arms pinned against her body. Reagan tests the bonds, but quickly realizes she’s totally gagged and quite closely bound. She struggles around rolling this way and showing off her super body. I grope her tits and poor helpless Reagan starts to panic struggling frantically. That´s when I drop the bomb on my naked damsel… that you are a perfect specimen for your slave trade market and I plan to make a great deal of money selling you. Too bad that this doesn´t end with a hero rushing in to save you like your fantasy Reagan. Like I leave Reagan desperately tries to shout for help but she can hardly make a sound.

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