Pretty blonde secretary Reagan Lush was working a great deal of hours and now she &severe;s only gotten home from another long moment. Severe & reagan; s talking on the telephone with her mother when is a knock at the door. Assuming it’s her UPS delivery Reagan naively opens the doorway. I enter pointing it and she is marched by me to the doorway. I tape a chair behind her back and then incorporating zip ties to fasten her more crushing her arms and super tightly together. Reagan&intense;s huge tits pop out of her satin blouse in the tape wrapped around her torso and she sobs to her gag. The poor thing does not have any clue that I am or why I made her prey. Her boss will probably pay a good deal of cash and I am determined to accumulate a significant pay out. I leave her for a long time while create strategies. I come back to the garage to find Reagan weathered and weathered. I inform the alluring thing that she´s going to get a very long ride and no one could possibly discover her unless her boss pays the ransom quickly…

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