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Sweet Sophie wakes from a dream to get the lover shed only been making out , not in her bed . Getting out of bed she makes her way and appearing in the mirror, cant get over the disappointment of her dream time lover not being around. She decides to take things into her own hands… literally. Stepping in to her big stone bath Sophie turns the water and lets its warm embrace begin to caress her own skin, she allows the pulsing shower mind pause between her thighs, its warm jets massage her now throbbing clit. But its not enough, she needs something inside of her. Turning off the water and lifting her leg on the side of the tub, she begins to work her hands. Thrusting her palms out and running her clit back and forth, Sophie begins to feel her climax building, the currently cool water on her skin pulling out goosebumps and leaving the nipples of her small teen breasts harden. In the end, discharge, her orgasm washes over her was, which makes her slim dancers thighs shake with pleasure. Who requires a dream enthusiast when youve got your own hands?

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