Record of Bula’s and.. –


Bella Ink and I’m sound tired after a long night of partying. I am awakened by sounds in our bedroom and see a young Hispanic man with his mind at the dresser drawer. Bella hands me my gram and I shout out Freeze Boy! She catches him and throws him on the bed. I straddle the bitch boy down him while Bella shoves a significant rag into his mouth and wrap his head tightly with thick electrical tape. We grab a few rope and that tie his wrists together behind his back while still Bella grabs his legs and binds his knees. Who the fuck do you feel you are trying to kill us boy? We catch him tied along with the poor thing grunts and groans into his barbarous gag. Poor Dirty Ink tries to communicate, but he’s so tightly gagged with all the tape that he can only grunt. Are you really getting a hard on failure boy? Bella ties his knees up and we continue to taunt the ridiculous burglar. Bella grabs his cock and balls and then squeezes tightly ball busting him for a while while weak Dirty´s body spasms at the pain. I catch his nose closing off his atmosphere and demand he oink like a pig if he wants to breath. Bella and I are having a blast tormenting the boy and now I finish him off in a hogtie. There you move piggy – tied like the hog you’re. Dirty rolls and struggles on the bed while we encircle his toes and misuse him. Poor thing nearly drops off your bed! Awww he&intense;s all sweaty today. Bella and I move off to have a drink departing our bitch bound and gagged and helpless!!

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