Record of Bula’s live show.. –


Pretty prom queen Dacey Harlot is becoming ready for the big dance. She&intense;s joyful she awakened the failure Italian boy and hooked up with the blond jock for the homecoming. I watch in silence as she primps in front of the mirror and I am mad that she dumped my own son! I jump from the shadows pointing my at her and that I demand she strips off her beautiful evening gown. I catch a rope and start tying the uppity bitch up. Dacey is fearful and starts to beg and beg for forgiveness and I tell her my virgin son will probably be fucking her tonight. I tie her arms behind her back giggling as she cries like a baby. I quickly tire of her big mouth peeling my panties down and pushing them in to her mouth wrapping her lovely face with layers and layers of gagging. I push her back onto the mattress binding her knees along while I grope her tight pussy. Poor Dacey yells and fights as I keep adding additional rope. I fondle her cute little 21 year old titties and assure her a lengthy night of sucking my son´s cock and eating my own pussy. The helpless prom queen sobs loudly and I leave her bound, gagged and fighting on the bed waiting for her longnight along with me and my son…

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