Red Cage –


Her 911 call is supervised with a cop that rolls up to crime scene and starts his own shakedown when Casey Calvert, a young woman living in her own, is that the victim of a intrusion. Tommy Pistol is the Anal Lieutenant within this weeks SAS sexy sadistic. Tied up in restrictive rope bondage Casey is struggling amidst a torn space and begging to be untied but Tommy sees an opportunity to get fun with this hot little brunette. You gotta help me before I can assist you. He needs. So he gets a deep sloppy blow job to prep Casey for a long day of twisted indulgence and then crams his prick down her throat. He ties her up on her buttocks using a ballgag in her mouth, then legs spread wide which makes butt and her pussy reachable and fucks her pussy and her tight buttocks after the other till her ass is gaping. Then to keep the kinky pleasure going this he ties up Casey in doggie and flogs her ass and thighs while he pounds her ass and wet pussy. Tommy makes Casey clean his cock after fucking her ass and talk dirty to him. He then fucks her out until she’s moaning and cumming and then he pulls his pervy load all over her face. Like he said he’d, Can the Anal Lieutenant untie Casey? Watch to Learn

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