The man drags redhead banker Fayth on Fire. She´s kiicking and crying and he’s her in a tight choke grip and roughly shoves her to a chair.The burly brute needs the password to the bank&severe;s safe, however Fayth will not give him it. He brutally binds her top arms wrapping the rope down to her wrists and slamming them together. Fayth yells in pain but denies knowing the password so that he adds a tight chest rope and molests her tight tits. He binds her thighs wrapping the rope. Fayth is decided to not cave and she fails. After hours and awakens Fayth by throwing water in her 14, he returns but she says she won&severe;t give the password . Frustrated, the masked man calls his manager. I arrive and tell the banker which I&severe;m here in order to scale her t*rture. I laugh at her stubborn demeanor understanding she will be ready to speak. I XXXX in a massive ring gag and XXXX that a wad of squeezing throughout the ring into her mouth afterward wrap her mind severely using many layers of duct tape. We toss her onto a fusing and eliminate her her ankles to her wrists in a brutal hogtie. We leave the helpless banker struggling on the ground for two long days giving the time to pick it´therefore better to give the password . Ultimately we return. Fayth is a mess that is whole dirty but shakes her head no. I warn the curvy woman to comply, but still nothing and lay beside her. The ropes are removed by my spouse out of Fayth&extreme;s ties and arms her wrists. Until her toes are standing on her tip 14, he cranks the winch. I shoot shock and the taser her several times causing her to sway back and forth in mid air. We ask her but the courageous banker fails. I drop implements at her toes and Fayth&intense;s eyes widen in panic and my spouse begins to beat her. Still nothing. He beats this against her bare ass and takes a leather paddle, but she shakes her head . Poor hanging Fayth freaks out If he picks up a wooden paddle. She screams through her gag and she slowly lifts her legs off the floor in a bid to prevent getting her ass. He beats on her buttocks until she relents and gives me the amounts to the bank&intense . Fayth&severe;spasms in the beating and her ass is blue and bruised black and s body replacements. We leave the pitiful shattered and redhead hanging in the winch completely ruined.

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