Redhead MILF Fayth on Fire is really a stripper for hire and severe & she;s here to entertain me. I have gags and some boots . Fayth strips down to her tight and places on the eyebrow boots. She struts and poses taking her time trying I´Id. After she’s out she decides to tie me up and gag me proceeds to seductively dance. I soon get a feeling about all this and I know that Fayth has strategies to embarrass me, although she gives me a lap dancing. I have to untie myself and overpower her and I spring to action. I tie her and re gag her with all all the cleave gag. Fayth fights alot and yells to her gag. With the cleave gag is replaced by me by licking her mouth with panties and wrapping her head with white tape. After intense & she;s been gagged tightly I untie her hands and march her to the doorway. I tie her hands above her head and watch her fight. I ungag her and fully peel her small g-string down leaving Fayth nude. I cleave gag and push that her with a lot of layers of duct tape. I pinch her nipples making her cock that slap her ass. Intense & she;s amking way too much so I add her gag and tape. I notify the girl that she is going to spend the night so that I leave to battles in the dark garage.

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