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The only thing thicker than Rexs Bostonian accent was that eight-inch slab of beef that left him a CircleJerkBoys.com favored right from the start, and he’s got a come a ways for a guy whose favorite saying is Girls, Girls, Girls. We’re shocked when he let Antonio eat that unkind bum. We were impressed when he paired up with Damien to double dip Ryan. And we’re glad that he stroked right with Anthony, Sebastian and Aiden during the infamous Four-Handed Jizz Jack-Strava-Ganza. But boys would be boys, and also everything they’ve done doesn’t change who they are. As usual since it seems, Rex got a shiny new Porsche and wanted to show it off. We knew he’d be all cocky, and after all, thats how we like em round here. We invited him , gathered the automobile wax and the camera, and only happened to have his favorite porn starlets brand new DVD playing as he came. We did something we have never done before. We accumulated a few of your mails to Rex and allow him to respond to them throughout his biography video. So if youve ever wondered what can convince a straight guy to fuck another dude, this is your opportunity to get it right from the horses mouth. Right from the beginning, we can tell Rex continues to be hitting the gym along with his always great body hasn’t looked better. After his new ride is squeaky clean, our dirty-minded Rex checked the movie and then stripped down under the outdoor shower. As he rinses off, we get a perspective of that ideal butt of his. Like the rest of these, Rexs bum is harder and more muscled and nearing the perfection point of what the ideal mans butt ought to be similar to –but seldom is. He stops at a seat on the deckand over three strokes that mythical meat is throbbing in his fistall eight inches in full attention and ready for more.Jumping into the pool, doing a couple of laps, and slipping in a dick dance directly across the lens, then Rex climbs about the raft and gives us one more teasing glimpse as those wet buns float by until he rolls and that bloated beef sticks straight away, prepared for some intense drawing. Rex heads to the sofa seat, oils up, and gets down to business. Giving that serious meat a double-handed griphe teased fucks his fist until he sends a white arc full of the air that comes crashing down over his arms and abdomen as he stares right into the camera in a one off cum shot which just Rex could pull away!

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