Rodney –


Rodney (all of his buddies call him Rod but I wont go there…) is a sexy little gymnast boy. I hadnt met him but for two minutes before he had been performing the splits right before me.I thought for myself,”this is going to be fascinating! “Hes a school guy and he claims he hasnt done running in some time. I believe hes actually currently on a group and didnt want to let on for fear that doing films that are dirty might interfere. Just my opinion.Video work with this man was a breeze. We had him at the park, doing and smiling backflips. We had him in the SUV, showing off his balls and smiling. We had him in the studio, grinning and performing… well, splits.Oddly enough, even however, after the still camera arrived out the grin disappeared. He got this stressed”deer-in-the-headlights” look every time I held up the camera to shoot. “OK, relax your face and give me a grin,” I told him. Click. What I have looked like a cheesy high school yearbook picture. “No, youre doing good but simply relax and give me a really wonderful little smile.” Click. Another awkward grin.So I stopped and asked him why he wasnt comfortable using the camera. Turns out hes one of these men who doesnt understand hes sexy and hasn’t been comfortable having his picture taken. Go figure.So we did some facial exercises (actually!) And finally got a cocky, boy-next-door appearance that worked for any speed, his versatility is pretty damn impressive and’m really hoping that we may put it to good use!

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