Sammy and her stuffed toys! –


Sweet, saucy, adolescent blonde Sammy has an amazing, nubile body which just does not stop! She is the sort of girl that walks right into a room and stiffens everything in blog, because one glance at her and you only realize that she knows how to operate it! Here she shows you her favourite stuffed toys until she gets carried off in the comfort of her bedroom plus stuffs herself filled with fingers!Feeling naughty at the notion of you seeing , she gets helpless when eating some cake, before realizing just how good it feels to get the cream on her pert young breasts and sopping muffin! In a young fit of bliss she makes a tiny mess, but don’t worry Sammy, there will be no puns about cake holes! I just hope someone is going to lick all of that from her. Any volunteers?

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