Savory Newcomer! –


Give a Passionate welcome to a newcomer to our site, Carla Mai out of Great Britain.

She appears like she’s dressed to go meet a few girlfriends and go drinking out and about town, but then she spreads her long legs wide in her black leather pants and then begins unpeeling her duds. Down for her turquoise blouse and panties, then she stretches out to a sofa, still wearing her lady heels. Then she starts getting rid of the lingerie, too and moves before us. Off comes her wrists, and then the panties proceed southward so she can pull her out pussy and asshole. Wait till you get a peek at her shaved peach, nestled just over the crotch panel! It looks so kissable and fingerable, not to mention bangable. Carla sniffs her panties and lays the couch on her abdomen across. Then she lifts her legs and gives us a few closeups of her glistening pinkness as she leans back against the sofa when sitting on the floor. You will want to crawl upon the carpet looking for an oasis once you find these lips, so savory up there in the very top of her buttocks! So dig in, lads, and eat hearty! This is no

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