Semen Shots #10, Scene #01 –


Psychologist stepmother Jelena Jensen is on her way to work when she finally meets her stepdaughter that is brand-new Kenna James. The pretty blond teen is visiting from college where shes completing her final session and living on campus. When her dad and Jelena decided to get married it occurred very fast. Kenna is really excited to hang out with Jelena and do what wives and moms do. Jelena proposes they spend while Kennas fathers asleep upstairs a few minutes getting to know each other. She has an idea which can assist them bond. She explains to Kenna a mothers body secretes a bonding hormone called oxytocin during labour and breastfeeding. There are therapies using oxytocin to create maternal bonds when offspring are separated at birth from their mothers, through breastfeeding. She’d love to try it using Kenna. The teen thinks she knows, however, she worries that her daddy would be mad when he saw them breastfeeding. Jelena promises he’d be so satisfied. Hes a man of sciencefiction. Jelena unbuttons her underwear. Kenna eyes pop out of her head in the sight of the tits that are enormous. Jelena softly pushes her head to her bosom and then Kenna sucks on her right nipple, then her left. Jelena moan is being made by her warm suckling mouth. For the part of the therapy, topless Jelena holds Kenna in her lap. She tickles her wrists and brushes her hair with her hands. To forge an even stronger bond Jelena yells Kenna passionately with tongue. Kenna wasnt expecting that. Unexpectedly Kennas strapless top exposing her sexy little breasts is pulled down by Jelena. When Jelena starts sucking on them demonstrate the best techniques for executing the therapy kenna winces. Mommy Jelena shimmies Kennas skirt away and promises to teach her about sex, just like a mother ought to. Kennas legs are spread by jelena. She moans with her lower belly and inner thighs. She peels hinting that they are wanted by Kennas daddy to bond. Kenna enables her lick at her pussy and cums deeply inside her mouth. Jelena takes her skirt and panties off. She climbs between Kennas thighs and plasters her pussy. She even tribs her stepdaughter till they release oxytocin! Jelena feeds Kenna that a mouthful of tits while she fingers her pussy. She climaxes while riding Kennas confront, then she rubs Kennas pussy until she cums an additional timeshe asks her to call her Mother.

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