Sensual Young Rebels –


The atmosphere has been really a barn somewhere in a tropical place that still holds on to old-fashioned morals and customs. . .but every once in awhile people customs are broken when two sensuous young ladies, lazy in the day and ripe for experimentation, and start to research beneath their loose garments and long socks and mary jane sneakers! Now watch Athina (with the pigtails) and Betty (using the corn-rows) as they caress their shaved pussies and then move onto their feet, first sucking and kissing the socks, and then on the nude. Here’s a fetish XXX video that’s something different, with a unique texture and setting, but still provides all the foot fetish and toe sucking on you could want! Laying back in the haythey taste their feet and sniff their panties and rub their boobies with their peds. These young rebels aren’t going to stay down on the farm very long, we bet!

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