Pretty redhead flight attendant Lana Lane decides to drop the dime on her captain for smuggling drugs on the plane. I find out about her and I decide to put an end to her do gooder reputation. I hold the girl at g point and XXXX her down onto a chair quickly roping up her arms behind her making sure to crush her elbows painfully. I shove a huge rag into her big tattle tale mouth and wrap her head tightly with elastic bandage. I tie up her ankles while she struggles in her bondage and then add a brutal crotch rope making Lana groan in pain. I tie it off to her wrists and leave her struggling while I grope her curvy body. I rope up her knees and tell her we will wait for her friend flight attendant Lylah Ryder to arrive. I wait by the door and ambush voluptuous blonde bimbo Lylah as she enters the house. Lana tried to warn her with her eyes, but I was quick and now poor Lylah is tied in a chair right next to her partner Lana Lane. Awwww were you two going to report my activities to the FAA?? I don´t think so. I XXXX Lylah´s mouth open and stuff it with a rag sealing it in with vet wrap. Poor Lylah sobs into her gag, but I don´t care. I laugh as I unbutton her uniform and tell her how the cartel boys just adore curvy blondes. I plan on leaving these two as a reward for the some of the cartel crew as a reward for their hard work and off I go to get the drugs from the luggage station. I leave the duo chair bound, gagged and rightened out of their minds.

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