Sexual Beauty –


Gorgeous & sexy, this girl has a body & legs to die for! She informs of Latina Ashley Judd… In a sexy & elegant apparel she walks down a resort, giving us alluring eye contact, and gradually revealing her breasts, then up her skirt and her firm, perfect buttocks… and then takes off her dress! In nothing but heels, she finds a place at the hotel to masturbate, fingering herself. Turned on enough, she returns home to use a vibrator, to an orgasm fest that has her cumming more occasions she can count! We realize how sexual she’s… From the bedroom she puts on several hot lingerie, showing off her body to usand giving us all the decent views. She then wears a casual dress with no panties, and proceeds to flash on a street, then play at a public water fountain, getting everything moist! Moving straight home, she masturbates again, with a highly effective rabbit vibrator, and contains stronger orgasms, which gets her moist moist… Then its time for a breast & buttocks massage, and an outfit switch to another sexy black dress & heels, together with some extreme closeups of her private parts. She then heads over to the Lamborghini Murcielago, and continues to play with herself, and does something pretty unique with her bead necklace… And guess what? She became Penthouse Pet of the Month:)

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