Sexually Possessed –


We called Alani Pi sexually possessed because there’s somethinginside of her which has a insatiable sexual appetite begging to besatisfied. There’s a demon in her and the only way to exorcise it isto work out it. She wants to be flagellated, humiliated and violateduntil she can not take anymore, then pushed past her limits toexperience accurate submission.Cyd Black is her confessor and her penance. He already knows all ofAlani’s sins, it’s only a matter of creating her pay for them. He bindsher, if she attempts to escape. Every knot and twist in the rope ismeant to keep her still for the punishment. Every position that he fixesher in is to leave as vulnerable as possible.That sort of vulnerability is too inviting to pass up. Alani is going toscream for each and each sin. Cyd is going to make her cum till she iscross-eyed and then he is going to turn up the agony another notchand start all around.

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