She Wants This Man To.. –


Christine and Patrick are prepared to start a family, they want a baby together, and now Christine is in the midst of her ovulation interval, or so the few lay down together to create love.This is quite a tender and gorgeous scene involving a few with genuine affection and chemistry. The kissing, the touching and their expressions of delight since they pleasure each other is amazing to watch. As members may have begun to expect, that can be no performance, there is genuine romantic intimacy in this scene, and also its not achieved for show.The remarks that they make to one another during intercourse are very sweet, Patrick enjoys making his woman feel great by letting her know how great she tastes and how lovely her scent is. Christine straddles her lover and her sexy velvet pussy milks the encounter from his balls. He shoots his cum deep inside her, and they put together afterwards at a loving embrace.There is a small incentive at the end of this scene – following our crew had called”cut” and thanked them for allowing us to catch such a gorgeous moment of sexual intimacy, they only appeared to carry on holding one another and kissing. The next thing we all know Patrick is eating Christines pussy again, his cum deep in her vagina he slides inside her and in minutes shoots another heap of warm sperm over her stomach. We were just about lucky enough to place the batteries back on the camera and take this little backstage moment!

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