Shoplifter Gets Sexually.. –


It’s hard running a record shop these days. If Jessie Colter grabs Alex Mason red-handed stealing vinyl, then there’s hell to pay. Jessie binds the punk to a pillar and operates his dick to a painful boner. Soon, Alex can not decide if he needs freedom from this agony or just if he needs his stones off as this pervert clerk blows and jacks his throbbing dick repeatedly. Jessie goes Alex into his office sofa and gets a profound taste of Alex’s feet. He intensifies the agony using a vibrating dildo banging Alex’s prostate. Alex just can not take any longer edging and begs to cum. Jessie finally allows the boy dick burst, however, he’s still not prepared for shoplifting. Alex yells to the night since Jessie provides his senstive cock an apple cherry.

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