Simultaneous Climaxers –


Petite beauty Kari (dark hair) and also the lovely, even more diminutive blonde Bellina match within their lingerie that an ultra contemporary living space for lesbian sex. They kiss passionately and fondle each other breasts. Then the girls sit on an ottoman and Kari reaches inside Bellinas panties and masturbates her while kissing her. Then Kari removes Bellinas panties and begins eating her pussy. She immediately and lovingly laps Bellinas labia and clitoris. Subsequently Kari reclines and Bellina starts eating her pussy. She tongues her clitoris and sucks on her labia into her mouth. She works her tongue back and forth on Karis clit, bringing her to orgasm. Then she finger fucks Kari out from behind. Last, the girls lie side by side to the ottoman and fervently masturbate each other till they have simultaneous climaxes.

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