Slater Tots –


1 hour and 37 minutes from among our most epic sessions ever. We mastered and have edited nothing that was left and this footage out this moment. Casey is stripped of her stardom and forced to begin as Nothing in our establishment. Then she gets face fucked, fed the staffs buttocks, anally probed and stretched, put into some of the funniest bondage youve ever seen, and made to clean the filthy floor. But thats not all. She gets visited later at evening after she gets soaked in piss and cum. No trickery, folks: we fucked her in complete darkness, with night vision goggles and infrared cameras. Sure, this component isnt 4K, however, envision a girl being blind because you use and take her. It was intense. We shocked her asshole in the finish with a electrical zapper to cap it all off. Then we had her leave an imprint of her bum in our sidewalk. Casey was simply world-class and actual. It’s difficult to discover patients .

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