Sloppy Seconds –


Scene Client Derrick Pierce is early for his massage appointment with Gabi Paltrova.

He gets there just as a satisfied customer is completing inside the sexy masseuse. She runs over to the reception area to smooth things over. Gabi’s hair is swollen from sex. She’s wearing nothing underneath her untied bathrobe and she is basking in the afterglow of sex. Derrick isn’t bothered by what he saw. In fact, he kind of likes the concept of sloppy minutes. The problem is that he’s in a rush. She sits on the couch giving him a peep show of her messy pussy. When he says he’s got a meeting he cannot miss, she invites him to get started then and there. Once she is downed his dick in her throat, then he recalls she needs a shower to wash off another man’s spunk. They enter the already drawn bathtub, such as a rinse and much more frisky foreplay, then down to the mat to the NURU gel therapy. She lubes up them with the clear sticky massage moderate, and squeezes him with the weight of the body. After she squirms on top of his hard on, she begs him to slip it in her pussy. She rides him until she takes her delight, then he fucks her aggressively till he cums all over her hairy bush!

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