Slutty Cheaters Face The.. –


Candy tried to relax in the bathroom, but she gets upset and comes out to find Candy Blond, looking mighty suspicious and today by herself when she hears what she considers to be her boyfriend and a few bitch fucking loudly. Laetitia finds some sexy cum, which she recognizes as her boyfriends and reaches into Candys pussy, and that means Candy is going to face the wrath of Laetitias super intense Magic Wand vibrator! First Laetitia squirts slutty Candys trousers down in oil, and starts buzzing her clit over the trousers, then her panties, then on her uncooked clit, which brings Candy down into her knees and into an insanely intense orgasm, over Leonys boyfriend might have provided! Candy can only take so much before she squeals in delight and has properly obtained her”punishment”, but Laetitia isnt completed as she wants herself. Laetitias pussy and ass are oiled down and then as she reaches climax right over the urinals, she gets a taste of her own medicine, showing us her hot, beautiful bubble butt! Sometimes situations can become something entirely beautiful and pleasing to all!

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