Beautiful German Yvette requested to lease a space. Over the day the money was due without paying Yvette decided to make a fast leave. She tiptoes out of the space and makes her way to the doorway colliding in my husband. She arms the German girl grabbing her using a hold beating her arms behind her backagain. Yvette says that she will send the cash and begs and I take her handbag but there & extreme; s nothng interior it. We&severe;re buddies she pleads. We have no friends when it comes to cash. Jim pushes her down into a chair holding her closely while I strip her clothes’ thing leaving her nude. I straddle the bitch pushing my tits and she bites strugging furiously cursing us. Grope and I will continue to fondle her tight body that is panties while Jim pushes her elbows and binds her wrists out of elboows to wrists. The ropes dig into her flesh and her arms go awry. I proceed behind the chair and wrap my arm across her neck. He wraps her thighs cinching from her thighs down to her tight muscular calves completing with ankles. Yvette begs nooooooooo she cries as her wrists turn purple. We inform her there is that a photographer coming to take photos of her nude body jump and she spits at me! Enough of you. I manhandle her little tits and my spouse and her neck adds more rope – a chest harness to ensure her tits pop and more and more rope securing down her on the chair. While Jim shoves a enormous ballgag deep in her mouth I grab her naked pussy and away we go. The ropes are all tied that each motion is excruciating for her although alone Yvette struggles and moans from the chair. That the photographer passes and begins to take pictures without speaking to her. He removes her gag and while she continues to sob and protest. He adds duct tape around her head crying and licking her sobs and regags her. A few images snap and leaves Yvette struggling and crying like a baby.

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