Sniff all My Farts while I.. –


Kelli, Goddess of Sleep is exhausted and longs to go to sleep. She says, “Having my anus licked always makes it sleepy,” and then calls her slave daisy to stimulate her for about the next half hour. Soon, she falls asleep as her body relaxes and mother nature soon takes control and she begins to fart in daisy’s face. Slave knows that Goddess will wake up if she doesn’t stop smelling it. One thing daisy does know is to never piss Goddess Kelli off, as she can be very irritable with slaves. They are disposable to her and she knows that their happiness lies in helping her, so there is no reason to treat them badly.

Daisy diligently sniffs out and takes in every bit of fart. Kelli, who is well rested, wakes up happy that the bitch kept his tongue in her all the time. Kelli needs to go for a sexy. He tells her to wrap his mouth around mine, saying that “everything’s going into your mouth now and we don’t want it to be a mess.” Goddess Kelli can be so nasty and disgusting to daisy. If this makes you feel energized, this is exactly the kind of relationship you are meant to have.

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