Snoozing While Stroked –


Martin Gun can’t wait for Stracy to give him foot massages, even though Stracy is fast asleep. The inventive man will put red stockings on Stracy, who is 8.5 inches tall. He then takes what he wants. The thigh-high nylon stockings are pulled along his legs by the clever guy. He adjusts the lacy tops so they remain up. He then kisses Stracy’s feet, and moves the stockings down to his jutting Johnson. As Stracy strokes Stracy’s large, uncut prong with his nylon stockings, we can see the French manicure peeking out of the nylon. He kisses Stracy’s feet and turns her stomach. Then he straddles her legs and ploughs her arches with the shaft. Stracy isn’t even awake, he just keeps snoozing and dreaming right through his gooey strokefest.

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