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I´ve invited sexy Latina Sahrye Around for a Trip.

Sahrye shows dressed up to kill can be a skin tight white club apparel and gold stiletto high heels. I know the sexy young bitch was fucking my husband and I´ve been planning for that face to face confrontation. We drink a martini and revel in some chit chat and a few friendly banter. Little does miss Enchantress Sahrye know, however I´t added several drops into her drink and soon she’ll be limp and putty in my hands!! Sahrye wakes up with her wrists tied far apart to the mattress wooden bed posts and is shocked and wondering what is going on. I totally ignore her questions and ranting and keep tieing her body. I bind her ankles spread eagle to the bed and then leave the filthy slut fighting and yelling. I come back with a pair of soiled panties in my hand and wave them Sahrye&extreme;s face. Do you recognize these panties miss hot to trot??? Sahrye affirms they are really her panties and I move ballistic!!! Exactly what the fuck were the wet panties doing in the back seat of my spouse &severe;s car you dirty Puerto Rican slut!! Sahrye´s eyes glow, but she won’t answer me so I push the panties deep into her big mouth and secure them using a cleave gag. I straddle her body and start to tickle her. Sahrye arches her spine like a mad bitch and throws me off. Awwww – you will need to calm down hun. I turn in my Hitachi Magic Wand and move it up and down her chest whilst shhe tries desperately to get away. Not sleek Sahrye. I add a rope to her thigh and attach the vibrator so that it is directly up against her clitoris and see while the orgasms begin to shoot over her sexy body. I leave the room to finish my drink and revel in hearing the dirty girl grunting and groaning. When I return back in the bedroom I see that Sahrye has managed to make herself loose and she tackles me because I approach the mattress throwing my body down and getting on top of me. Sahrye is very quite upset and that I attempt to negotiate with her, but that my efforts are useless. She binds my arms behind my back brutally tight and I cry out in pain. We could work this out I vow!!! Not a chance says Sahrye. Sahrye ties up my legs and my knees and the rope is really debilitating. She bends my thighs and XXXX my entire body into a hogtie leaving me sobbing and begging for mercy. Sahrye selects up the vibrator and pushes it up and against my pussy laughing . She taunts and teases me until I’m ready to cum. I harbor &intense;t had an orgasm in so long as my body betrays me and I cum over and over jerking hard against the begging and bondage Sahrye not to cease. This only amuses the young hot girl and she remmoves the hitachi along with gags me along with her wet panties leaving me trembling in my bed. She walks away telling me – I am taking your husband old lady and there is nothing you can do on it!!!

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