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Blonde spy Reagan Lush has proven to be tough as nails. She escaped the interrogation and I am determined to break her. I’ve her strung up against a wooden board in her bikini. Her wrists are bound spread from a bamboo pole and she’s out cold. I toss a gallon of ice cold water on her head waking up her. Reagan tells me curses me she won’t ever talk. I face slap her and slap her enormous tits times stating that she will give the positioning of the flash drive to me. I manhandle her tits some more and Reagan yells and struggles once I conquer her belly until it is red and pick up a flogger. This spy is obstinate as they are, but so am I and I have all of the time. I remove her bikini top exposing the tits whom I intend to t0rture. I blindfold the spy take my time beating her tits and then to add the element of shock. Reagan screams but it doesn´t phase me at all. I choose to innovate things. I clamp her nipples and then turn on the electrical current. With every answer that was wrong the voltage has been increased and Reagan is electro shocked. She screams and shakes but still refuses to give up any information. At which Reagan relaxes a little then the current is increased leading to fast twitching of her tits, I lower the current. This can be achieved alot of times until I tire of the interrogation continues. Tens unit pads are placed through her tits on the present stimulation along with her tits as they moan and twitch uncontrollably. I bring from begin and the tazapper using it across Reagan&extreme body focusing laughing because she is sparked by me up. That she struggles and reagan lets out a horrible scream every time and shouts. I start utilizing configurations that are different and playing by changing the present patterns. Her tits twitch and spasm and I continue questioning her. While questioning Reagan isn&severe able to answer so I turn up the current to ultra high setting and Reagan begins breathing after each jolt and sobs. At this point the spy is panting like a dog and the interrogation persists. I abandon Reagan to suffer for a couple of minutes and return with clothes hooks to get her nipples. The pins bounce as the electric races. I apply ice to her hot skiin and the contrast is excruciating. Reagan is currently vibration and mumbling incoherent but she remains steadfast in her resolve to not crack. I remove her blindfold and tell Reagan I’ll return tomorrow…

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