Steel chastity lock up –


There is not any escape today, YOUR COCK IS MINE!Mistress Lexi would like to resolve the issue and is tired of her slave jacking off all the time. Lexi informs him she shows him her buy: a steel chastity cage and doesnt trust him, although her servant promises to quit masturbating! This metal cage is totally inescapable, the extreme chastity she’s found to date. Lexi will not be defeated, although the servant begs her not to. She strokes and yells his penis making it swell difficult to make the lockdown more debilitating. She tightens the steel cage cock, smiling because he pleads and begs for his independence that is cocks. Jerking for this servant; Lexi is in control of his cock locked out at her clitoris. Nothing leaves Lexi more happy than simply locking away a cock that is slaves in chastity. Men are so much more submissive while at chastity. Total possession and dedication are hers.

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