Stepdad gets Fucked –


Stepdad Jimmy Broadway was coming to ask her if boys might want to fuck her, and is surprised when she asks him if shes fairly, and exactly what she wants for dinner. And even more surprised, if he would like to fuck her when she asks. Well, yes, but shes that his stepdaughter – but you also know, guys are feeble. Daddy enjoys fucking candy Dolly and with her suck his dick like a champ. But she has another surprise . Appears her telephone theres documentation of their experience, and has been on record that is video. Dollys mood changes from cute to bratty and dominant because she announces that if he doesnt shes going to show the movie to Mom do everything she says, shes the boss today. Dolly makes him crawl on all fours and worship her feet, and then she has yet another surprise — a pink and purple strap-on. But if stepdad Jimmy thinks the humiliation will finish there, well, no. As a grand finale, Dolly pegs Jimmy but great and leaves him with the knowledge that hell be under his stepdaughters thumb.

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