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In this video we join Sosha on a leisurely stroll through the forest, which just happens to be her favorite place to have some private wet fun.When we first join Sosha, she takes us through the forest with her, explaining how much she loves it. She talks about how naughty she feels wetting her pants out in the open, yet deep in the forest, she feels safe doing it because no one else is around.After talking for a bit about why she loves to wet her pants in the forest, she does it. Needing to pee, she is happy to let it all go in her jeans. The camera tracks with her as she pees, following it down her legs and as it forms a puddle on the ground. Once she is done peeing, she shows off her wet pants for the camera, turning around so we can get a good look. Warm, wet, and relieved, she says goodbye and the camera pulls away before fading to black.

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