I harbor ´t seen my own sorority sister Leilani Lei in more than thirty decades. I absolutely hated her back in our school days since she had been such an uppity arrogant rich bitch however I´m hoping we can bury the hatchet and get along now. She comes in wearing a slutty gold lame outfit and instantly begins putting me down telling me I´m pudgy and asking if I need to employ her private trainer because I apparently need alot of help. Then she comments on how cute my home is now calling it a cute little cottage. Leilani hasn&intense;t changed a little in over a century as she’s bragging about her powerful business and her money I add a couple drops of unique liquid in her beverage. It doesn&severe;t take long for the MILF to wind up out cold in my floor. I kick her entire body several times then become busy tying her up. I awaken her by putting my stiletto heel within her neck and stepping on it. Leillani wakes up jumped to my pub rail her ass and pussy along with her ankles bound on her head on her wrist. Mouthy Leilani bitches and complains as I add a tight crotch rope into her pussy cinching it difficult that giving the haughty bitch a camel toe. I smack on her ass several times while she fights to get loose and squeeze her tits. It doesn&severe;t take very long for me to mess with her huge mouth so I add several strips of duct tape across her mouth silencing her to moan and grunts. I laugh at Leilani&intense;s vulnerable place then expose her tits leaving her ready for me to take pictures of her to deliver into some alumni newsletter. I hit a success pose along with my high heel across the helpless girl &intense;s neck off I go departing my sorority rival trembling with humiliation has I get ready for the reunion bash.

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