Submit to Me, Part 1 –


In the intense sex roleplay captured in a Full HD BDSM movie of today, David Perry dominates Lucia Love in the bathtub. When he undresses to join , she bound and gagged. Showing his complete command, he pushes her in the face with all the shower attachment, then twists her nipples, and presses the bottoms of his feet against her mouth and nose while he leans back in the water to browse the newspaper.After awhile he determines she’s deserves more extreme therapy, so he pushes her face under the water to get a short drenching. Then, turning her around, he uses her bum because his stool as he goes back to reading the newspaper. When she’s a bit feisty, he sprays her with the water while pressing his foot against the back of her mind. When that doesn’t appear to quell her rebellious soul, he offers her a hard spanking with his hand then shoves her head under the water again. However, this is simply a warm-up for that which climaxes the spectacle: fisting. He crams his palms and then nearly all of his hands into her asshole before dunking her head below the water together using the unkind potency of his toes. However, her trials of total submission to her master’s whims aren’t over; you’ll find what happens next in Part 2.

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